Sun is shining….its getting warmer……..

SUMMER IS HERE AT LAST and now everyones complaining its too hot!!! So bikes out of the garage, greenhouses stocked and gardens blooming -all this exercise and activity is good for you but if you do feel a twinge in your back, neck or shoulders…..give us a call and we will get you booked in as soon as we possibly can and sort that problem out for you!

Feel a twinge? Suddenly getting a lot of headaches? Pins and needles in your arms? All of these symptoms are signs of damage to your back, shoulders or neck which can be corrected quickly and easily – so come in for a consultation NOW!!

We carry out a detailed examination, discuss your medical history and can advise on improvements which can be made to the way you sit, work activities and hobbies that will protect your back. We can also show you some exercises to strengthen your back and core muscles. Check our price list for payment details.

Damage already done? We can treat you quickly and painlessly to prevent any further damage and show you how to protect yourself in future!

Another bonus – our Podiatrist will now do home visits! Whilst it is preferable to attend our clinic to have your feet done as we have all the equipment and dressings at hand, we do appreciate that some cannot get to us – and we are therefore introducing home visits. Give us a call for more details.

Call in now or give us a ring on 01225 766662.